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Note di AV su Campbell Smith, Conte de Heritz.

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ACQUITTAL OF FATHER BALLERINI. On Wednesday, April 5, Mr. Richard Simpson, DEATH OF M.A., Oriel College, Oxford, and formerly a beneRICHARD ficed clergyman in the Anglican Church, died, after SIMXSON, ESQ. a brief but painful illness, at the Villa Sciarra, theresidence of Count Campbell Smith de Heritz. Mr. Simpson, about thirty years ago, on becoming a Catholic, resigned the valuable family living of Mitcham, of which he was incumbent. He possessed literary talents of a high order, contributed many interesting articles to magazines and reviews, and was some time editor of the Rambler. For about four years previous to his death he suffered from an internal malady—cancerous tumour in the stomach, but was not aware of its nature. Coming to Rome with his wife, his disorder increased, and while on a visit to his friend, Count de Heritz, at his villa outside the Porta Salara, he expired, after receiving the rites of the Church. Dr. Aitken and Professor Mazzoni, one of the chief surgeons in Rome, attended him. The funeral ceremonies were performed in the church of Sta. Maria del Popolo, and his body was interred in the Campo Verano. ( )
Among those confirmed in their office of Camerieri Segreti di .Spada e Cappa sofira numerarii are the following :—John Campbell Smith Conte d’Heritz, Alphonsus Charles Clifford, George Elliot Ranken, ,Reginald Pius Conte de Raymond, George Lane Fox, and Commendatore William Winchester, and the Marquis De Piro Testaferrata, of Malta. Among the Camerieri d’ Onore di Spada e Cappa sopranumeravii who have been confirmed in their office are Hartwell de la Garde Grissell and John Grainger, Esqs. ( )

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